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SOLVEIGA is a Franco-Latvian academic painter, graduated from major art schools in Finland, Latvia, Germany and France.

Suggestive, balancing between figuration and abstraction, her paintings offer a level of detail that leaves the space for imagination and dream 


“Urban stories” by SOLVEIGA are an immersion in a busy, often rainy or snowy, voluntarily dark and a bit melancholic universe. But according to the artist, it is precisely through the windows dripping with the rain that the welcoming warmth of the city is expressed the best, calling for shelter.

Mediterranean collection ”Poetic whites" is artists tribute to the singular beauty and bewitching charm of South.

A nostalgic and dreamy vision of a semi-desert landscape, whitened  and blurred by a morning mist or by a sandstorm. The whiteness and the material are omnipresent in all the paintings, and the golden or copper patina gives them an atmosphere of an old photo found in a forgotten album and recall the shades of old time walls ...

The work of SOLVEIGA is part of numerous private collections in France, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Morocco and Australia.

She collaborates with several French and international galleries.

1997                   French Fashion Institute, Paris, Potgraduate program

1993 – 1997        Aalto University of Applied Arts, Finlande, Master’s degree

1988 – 1991        College of Fine and Applied Arts, Riga, Latvia, Bachelor’s degree


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